St Alban’s admits up to 165* pupils into each year group as per Welsh Government/Local Authority directives. *Effective from September 2022, 145 prior to this date.

The Governors of St Alban’s offer 165 places each year. If there are more than 165 applications, then governors will refer to oversubscription criteria which can be found in the Admissions Policy.

OFFER OF PLACES IS 1st MARCH 2022 (or next working day).

The deadline for applications for Year 7 September 2022 has now passed (WEDNESDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2021). Any applications received after this date will be classed as late entries.

Applications can be found on the link below along with the Admissions Policy, which must be read before completing the application form. If your child has been Baptised it is essential to attach a copy of the Baptism certificate to the application form or bring a copy into school at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so may affect your child’s criteria number, as per the Admissions Policy.

If you would like to submit a letter of support from your Minister please click the link to print the document and once completed please deliver to St Alban’s School for the attention of the Admissions Administrator: Ministers Letter of Support

For all other admission requests including transfers from other schools and any other queries, please contact Miss Claire Williams, our Admissions Administrator at the school, on 01495 765800 or email for further information.

For any queries regarding Transport please contact Torfaen County Borough Council on 01495 762200 or your local authority.