At St Alban’s RC High School, we genuinely understand the importance of the decision you are making in entrusting us with your child. We are a school which always works in partnership with you and your children, so that they feel happy, safe, and enjoy coming to school. We do our best to ensure that they can make the best  academic process possible, joining in the ethos of the school with enthusiasm and commitment. St Alban’s is also a place of learning and reflection with all our colleagues, our students and you, ensuring our practice is always reviewed with our eye on real excellence as every year progresses.

We believe passionately in supporting students to ‘Be the best that they can be’ through raising their achievement and aspirations, based on Christian values within a caring and thriving community.

We are fortunate in having a talented and committed team of colleagues, providing excellent opportunities within the classroom, as well as in sport, music, drama and performing arts, appealing to the range of skills and interests your children will already have developed in their current schools and outside.

We would love you to be part of St Alban’s and welcome you to visit us, to contribute to school life and to share with us your passions, hopes for your child, our school and our community.

Visitors will always be welcome: Just contact us at

I look forward to meeting you.

Stephen Lord