Preparing pupils for the world of work

The school works closely with Careers Wales to provide pupils with information, advice and guidance to help them make important decisions and choices about their futures. Pupils receive support on courses and qualifications, employment, apprenticeships and training, higher education, careers, leisure time and more. We encourage pupils to use the comprehensive search facility on the Careers Wales website to find information on a huge range of careers, as well as what qualifications are needed to access those careers, including the latest labour market intelligence on wages, job opportunities and employment trends.

We support pupils by offering…..

A week’s work experience placement during year 10.

Individual and group interviews with the Careers Wales Advisor.

Advice for parents during year 9 in preparation for choosing their options subjects.

Advice to parents during year 11 information evenings.

Group work sessions and workshops.

Visits to Career fairs.

Workshops with local entrepreneurs.

In September 2017 the school successfully achieved the Careers Wales Mark.