Welsh is a growing, dynamic language, which is increasingly required by employers. There is an increasing demand for bilingualism which has opened up exciting careers in many fields to include commerce, tourism, journalism and the media.

As a Department we aim to –

  • Make pupils aware of the extensive use of the Welsh language outside the classroom.
  • Stimulate and foster an interest in the enjoyment of Welsh.
  • Develop skills which allow pupils to use the language for effective purposeful communication by developing confidence in the use of Welsh in the three skill areas – reading, writing and oracy.
  • Provide pupils with a rich experience in preparation for modern society.


At KS3 pupils study a range of global topics to include –

  • Myself and the family
  • Media
  • The time and daily routine
  • Interests
  • The local area
  • Holidays

Throughout the KS3 curriculum pupils are encouraged to –

  • Develop an understanding of the spoken and written forms of Welsh in a range of contexts.
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively orally.
    Respond to a wide range of reading materials.
  • Write in a wide range of forms for a variety of purposes, giving attention to purpose, audience and accuracy.



All pupils at St Alban’s RC High School study Welsh to GCSE level. We have a proud history of excellent pupil progress with 81% of pupils achieving A* – C in 2018 and 21% of pupils achieving A* – A.

The GCSE in Welsh second language will enable pupils to: 

  • Understand and use the language for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Develop language learning skills and strategies in order to enable pupils to communicate and interact confidently and spontaneously in relevant situations and specified context .
  • Develop language learning skills and strategies to enable candidates to develop their grasp Welsh.
  • Further develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an integrated manner, emphasising listening and speaking skills.
  • Use Welsh in further studies, in the workplace and in their communities.
  • Develop curiosity about the Welsh language.

There are 4 units to the GCSE exam –

Units 1 – Speaking and listening exam – 25%

Unit 2 – Speaking and listening exam – 25%

Unit 3 – Reading and writing – 25%

Unit 4 – Reading and writing – 25%