Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning

As teachers of English, we love sharing our enthusiasm for Language and Literature with our students.  We feel passionately about the impact that studying these subjects can have on pupils’ confidence in themselves and understanding of the world in which we live.  It is vital that young people are equipped to embark on their adult lives with the literacy skills, which will empower them to stay safe, think critically and express themselves with self-belief.

We are very proud of the results we help our young people to achieve.  Roughly ¾ of our students achieve C or above at GCSE and ¼ achieve the top grades of A/A*.  The last three years have seen 3 students offered a place to study English at Oxford University.  English performance is among the highest in the region and we support other teachers as an EAS Learning Network School.

Who are we?

Mrs Read (Leader)

Ms Rees (KS3 Leader)

Mr Davies (Head of Year 11)

Miss Sellars (Literacy Co-ordinator)

Mr Lambert (MAT English)

Miss Osborne (English, Drama and Media)

Mrs Jones (ALN English)

Where are we based?

B Block (B9, 10, 11, 14 and A02, A18)

When will you study English?

3 times a week in KS3

4 times a week in KS4


What will you learn?

Reading – Oracy – Writing

You will learn how to receive ideas (read and listen) and express your ideas (speaking and writing).  The focus will be on being accurate and interesting.  You will study fiction and non-fiction and develop your own opinions.  Hopefully, you will be excited by amazing works of Literature (Poetry, Prose and Drama).  Here, you will meet characters, whom you will love or hate and whose experiences and dilemmas will help you think about the world we live in.

Each half term, there will be at least one assessed task to see What Went Well and give you feedback on Even Better If…  Then you will be expected to learn from your mistakes (mistakes are good learning opportunities) by editing your work using Purple Pen of Progress.  Your Speaking and Listening will be assessed as a contribution to a group discussion or an individual presentation.