Welcome to the Mathematics Department at St. Alban’s RC High School. We are a forward-looking department who endeavours to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics. We have high expectations of all our pupils and offer differentiated courses to suit pupils of various abilities, enabling them to reach their full potential.

We recognise the importance of providing pupils with the necessary mathematical skills needed in other subjects in the school curriculum and in everyday life. Mathematics is compulsory up to GCSE level where pupils follow the WJEC specification. Exam success at A Level has led the subject to be hugely popular beyond GCSE where pupils also follow the WJEC specification.

We encourage our pupils to supplement the work they do in the classroom with independent study at home. That could take the form of completing the weekly worksheets they are set by their teachers, or using our recommended websites to go over some of the topics that have been identified as areas for improvement.

Online Maths Revision websites that the Maths department recommends


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