• Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)
• Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)
• Key Stage 5 (Years 12 & 13)


We are a vibrant and successful department, whose students learn practical professional skills individually and in teams, giving them critical thinking and analytical skills that they then transfer to all other subjects.

The Curriculum

Media is taught in Key Stage 4 and in the 6th Form at Key Stage 5. Our department is currently offering WJEC GCSE at Key Stage 4 and WJEC GCE AS and A2 at Key Stage 5. The benefit of a practical and enjoyable course such as Media Studies is that many students go on to successful university courses and professional media careers. Students develop skills in film and print throughout their studies, and gain useful presentation and analytical experience.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer visits to Media production companies and broadcasters, Awards Ceremonies and Film Showcases, and film studios. Our emphasis is on hands-on production and creation, as well as analytical and research skills. Each year several of our students take part in film competitions and participate in professional productions as actors, extras and crew.