The Science Department at St Alban’s aim is to give pupils an interest and enthusiasm in Science, whilst attaining the highest possible standards. This is achieved through a range of theory lessons, practical’s and problem solving activities. The department aims to ensure the material and topics covered are relevant to pupils and meet the National Curriculum requirements.

At Key Stage 3, work is broken down into modules, covering a range of topics from the National Curriculum programme of study. All modules are taught through a themed approach that develops work from KS 2 in the context of skill based enquiries. Each module has a variety of development work including planning, development and reflection type activities.

For Key Stage 4, we offer 2 different pathways for our learners:

1. WJEC GCSE Triple Award Science

This is offered as an option to our KS4 learners. The course encourages learners to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards, science and to recognise its importance in their own lives and to society.  They will achieve a separate grade for Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the end of their two years of study. Learners will sit two written exams for each subject and will also have a practical element to complete in Year 11. 

2. WJEC GCSE Applied Science (Double Award)

This will be completed by all other KS4 learners who do not opt for the Triple Award Science. Studying the GCSE Applied Science (Double Award) provides insight into, and experience of how science works whilst stimulating learners’ curiosity and encouraging them to develop an understanding of science, its applications and its relationship to the individual and society. They will achieve 2 grades that combine the 3 sciences at the end of their 2 years of study. Learners will sit 3 written exams and will also have 2 practical elements to complete in Year 11.

For Key Stage 5, we offer a range of different pathways for our learners. WJEC AS/A2 level Biology, Chemistry and Physics are available along with a BTEC Diploma in Applied Science.


Practical Exam Dates: KS4

These dates show the available window the practical exams can be completed in.

Applied Science (Double Award): GCSE Task Based Assessment unit 4

Monday 4th November – Friday 20th December 2019

Applied Science: Unit 5 (Double Award): Practical Assessment Unit 5

 Monday 6th January – Friday 14th February 2020

Triple Award Science: Unit 3: Practical Assessment Unit 3

 Monday 6th January – Friday 14th February 2020


Practical Exam Dates: KS5

Biology: Practical Work – Unit 5

Experimental Tasks – Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 April 2020 (one date to be chosen)

Practical Analysis Task – Friday 1 May 2020

Physics: Practical Work – Unit 5

Experimental Tasks – Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 March 2020 (one date to be chosen)

Practical Analysis Task – Friday 27 March 2020

Chemistry: Practical Work – Unit 5

Experimental Tasks – Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 May, 2020 (one date to be chosen)

Practical Analysis Task – Thursday 7 May, 2020


Meet the Staff

Head of Department: Richard Everson:

2nd in Department: Rebecca Lewis: BSC (Hons) Zoology, PGCE Secondary Science

Teaching Staff:

Dr. Richard Tucker: PhD. MChem. MRSC, PGCE Secondary Chemistry with Science (11-18)

Amanda Potts: Bsc(Hons), MA, PGCE Secondary Science

Linda Murapa

Sarah Davies: BSc (Hons) Forensic Science, PGCE Secondary Science

Clare Bowen: BSc (Hons) Medical Biochemistry, PGCE Secondary Science

Leanne Reasons: Bsc (Hons) Genetics, PGCE Science

Christopher Powell

Rhys Francis

Support Staff: Technician: Anthony Abraham: Bsc (Hons) Genetics