“Young people are not meant to become discouraged; they are meant to dream great things, to seek vast horizons, to aim higher, to take on the world, to accept challenges and to offer the best of themselves to the building of something better.”

Christus Vivit

Here at St Alban’s we realise the importance of engaging our young people where they are comfortable, as well as allowing our extended community to continue to be involved in all that we do.

Our newly designed online Youth Ministry Platform (via Instagram) is a safe and engaging way in which we are able to continue the ministry of the school community with our young people. Monitored by our safeguarding team and our admin staff, pupils are able to interact with questions, prayers, keep updated

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“The impact that the online youth ministry, via instagram, has had on me is an extremely positive one. Not only is it an easy way to receive information, but also the weekly feedback boxes are a great way for me to comfortably air out any concerns I have. It is also an effective and accessible way for other pupils to have their voices heard. I think that, as a school, one of the core aspects of community is involvement. The online youth ministry  is an essential part of involvement, as it gives an opportunity for each and every pupil to feel seen, involved and heard.”

Finlay, Year 11

We have created a social media account called @StAlbansCatholicLife; the social media aims to promote our fundraising and celebration of World Youth Day. The page is on Instagram where we promote our faith and Catholic Virtues and hope to inspire many to partake in religious worship. @StAlbansCatholicLife aims to involve students in Catholic unity as people around the world unite in Portugal to celebrate Catholicism.

Kyle, Year 10

The online Catholic life resources provide me with useful information about our Catholic faith which inspires me each day to become a better person. It teaches me valuable information which will stick with me for the rest of my life and that I hope will get passed down to others. I think that the Catholic faith should be spread throughout the globe and this is definitely the best way to do it in our ever-growing modern world.

Evie, Year 9

@StAlbansCatholicLife, our new Chaplain, has introduced an inspirational social media page where all students can connect with their faith and learn daily about events going on in school and important things that we can contribute to.     I love the social media page as it helps me connect with my faith and contribute to the Catholic church.

Jess, Year 8

“We have created a social media page called @StAlbansCatholicLife where people can aim to help with fundraising and help out with our diversity club on friday. Our page is useful for information for our Catholic community. It allows us to feel like school and the Catholic life isn’t just something we have until 3:10pm, but something that is with us always, like Christ.”

Caitlin, Year 11