The Purpose and Benefit of the Sanctuary

 To be a stimulating hub of learning, training and activity that offers all our learners the benefit of being educated discreetly and inclusively.

To provide the opportunity to work with pupils providing 1-1 learning opportunities, facilitate teaching and learning with small groups of pupils, to support teaching and learning, pastoral care and management of behaviour.

To support in the monitoring of pupil behaviour, rewards and sanctions, to prepare pupils, emotionally, socially and academically.

To support pupils on a variety of activities including sports, play, creative art, cultural trips and visits, vocational activities etc.

What we can offer

Having access to the extra space and rooms provided by the Sanctuary benefits the school enormously by increasing our ability to facilitate a wider range of interventions and group workshops such as:

• School Council meetings
• Fire Rescue Training Project Phoenix
• Engage drug & alcohol
• Police Clinics & Restorative Justice
• Parent Consultations
• Smoking Cessation Work Shops
• School Council Meetings
• School Counsellor
• Inspire to Achieve
• Healthy Living
• Bron Afon Community Housing

• Changing Minds
• Llamau Emphasis
• Melin Homes
• Sports Development Positive Futures
• Social Communication Literacy
• Anxiety Strategies
• Anger Management
• ELSA Strategies
• Exam Stress
• Families First

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