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Parent/Carer Consent – Non-routine visits



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– Having read the information about the visit, and having understood the level of supervision to be provided, I agree to my child taking part in the visit and activities described.

– I understand that all reasonable care will be taken of my child during the visit/activity and that he/she will be under an obligation to obey all directions and instructions given and observe all rules and regulations governing the visit/activity.

– I understand the code of conduct for the visit and the sanctions that may be used if my child breaks this code of conduct. I have discussed the code of conduct and sanctions with my child.

– I understand that if my child seriously misbehaves or is a cause of danger to him/herself or to others, then I may be asked to collect him/her or he/she may be brought home early from the visit/activity. In such a situation there will be no obligation on the school/establishment to refund any money.

– In an emergency I agree to my son/daughter/ward receiving medication and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.

– I understand that the school/establishment may use activity images for promotional or publicity purposes.

– The LA provides a ‘personal accident and travel insurance’ policy for all pupils whilst participating in organised visits.