Our Youth Ethos Team (YET) are a group of pupils from all year groups, consisting of form representatives and many more volunteers who are dedicated to instilling the Catholic Ethos into every element of school life.

Supported by the Pupil Leadership team, the YET have begun to plan liturgies, they read in Mass, are training to lead mission days and in the New Year they will be working alongside our Senior Leadership team to produce and Lead our weekly assemblies!

The YET are a force of good within our school community and meet every Tuesday Lunch Time to plan ahead for the following week.

Please feel free to send your child to join the team and look below to see the impact they are having on the school community.

Youth Ethos team has a big impact on me as a student, it shows me the history of my Catholic school. I enjoy participating in the group as it has introduced me to new people in the school, who have slowly become my close friends.

Max, Year 10 

The youth ethos team has had an influence on my school experience as it has taught me more about the religious part of my school. I have taken part in lots of activities such as mass and helping to plan the school disco. We have meetings at lunch which bring different year groups together to discuss ideas to improve the youth ethos team.”

Millie, Year 10

“Being part of the Youth Ethos Team and reading in Mass has built my confidence and made me comfortable to talk to Mr Harrison as he understands me more than some teachers. Being part of the Youth Ethos Team has made me happy as I am around peole like me who want to help.”

Sophia, Year 7

“Being part of the Youth Ethos Team has helped me with my confidence, it has let me know more about the Catholic ethos and has also let me help my friends.”

Megan, Year 7 

“Being a part of Youth Ethos Team and reading in Mass and assembly has built my confidence and belief in myself so much. It has really changed the way I see school and I like to be part of Mass as it is important to our community.”

Sammie, Year 7