The safety of your child is of the upmost importance. However, with the digital age well and truly dominating society especially during the current pandemic, it is difficult to ensure their safety when on line.

This week is our Love Thy Neighbour (Anti – bullying week) and this morning we received an email offering a FREE online Digital Safety training for parents and carers that will help with this and wanted to share it with you.

It can be found using the link  and the information below is taken from the Kidscape website.

We hope you find this useful.

FREE Digital Safety training for parents and carers

The training is designed to equip adults with the knowledge to understand the potential risks associated with keeping children and young people safe online, while also covering the many positives of the digital world. During the training, attendees will learn about harmful content online, cyberbullying, gaming, live-streaming, grooming, popular apps and social media, and much more.


The workshops take place on Zoom.

Learning outcomes

Through taking part in Digital Safety training, adults are able to:

Recognise and respond to risks posed by online activity
Explore how to have discussions with young people about digital footprint
Explore boundary setting and other approaches to supporting young people
Share own experiences and hear from others in similar situations
Know where to get additional help