The school day begins at 08:40 with students in their tutor groups for registration and assembly. There is a fortnightly rolling tutorial where tutors have time to carry out their learning coach/mentoring duties to ensure that students are making the progress expected of them.

Lessons begin at 9:00 with two fifty minute lessons before a twenty minute break at 10:40. Years seven, eight and ten have two lessons between 11:00 and 12:40, breaking for lunch and returning at 13:30 for a further two lessons before the end of the school day at 15:10. Years nine, eleven, twelve and thirteen have three lessons after break and then break for lunch at 13:30, returning at 14:20 for the final lesson of the day which finishes at 15:10.

Some sixth form classes take place between 15:10 and 16:00 and there are regular raise-a-grade sessions for students in some examination subjects. For details of raise-a-grade sessions please consult the appropriate department pages.


The ‘Friends of St Albans’ is an active Association within the School where parents, guardians, friends and staff are able to meet on a regular basis to get to know each other, discuss matters and help fund-raise for the benefit of the pupils. The Friends of St Albans meet at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the Staff Room situated in the main School building.

The Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or a specific subject teacher will always be in attendance at the meetings.


The association contributes to many areas of the school…