Religious Education


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  • Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)
  • Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)


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The Religious Education (R.E.) department is housed in a suite of three teaching rooms. We are also lucky to have a beautiful chapel that is regularly used by our pupils and staff.


At Key Stage 3 pupils are taught R.E. in mixed-ability classes and in Years 7&8 follow the “People of God” curriculum. The name ‘People of God – Called to serve’ recalls the language of the Second Vatican Council used to describe the Church. The documents of the Council remind us that all the baptised are the Church, the People of God. We are called to serve the mission of the Church as the followers of Jesus who came to serve not to be served. We are also reminded of the words of Pope Francis to a group of young students:

“Be men and women with and for others: true champions at the service of others.”

The Framework “People of God – Called to serve” is mapped against the Religious Education Curriculum Directory


Yr 7 Overview                                     Yr 8 Overview


In year 9, students begin their GCSE course which continues into Key stage 4 (Year 10/Year 1) All pupils take WJEC GCSE Religious Studies (Catholic Theology and Judaism) The GCSE course focuses on the beliefs and teachings of the catholic faith. Candidates studying Catholic Christianity must also study a further two specified beliefs/teachings and two specified practices from the Jewish perspective only.


WJEC Religious Studies Spec


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