Dear Parent/Carer




We have been asked by Gwent Police to highlight and raise awareness regarding the following:


FB poll – A poll currently being run on facebook


PH Group – Paedophile Hunter Group


OCAG – Online Child Sexual Abuse Activist Groups


PH groups and OCAG refer to the same thing, OCAG being the more formal name.  These are the groups that are very topical at the moment in setting up fake online decoys with Paedophile’s and arranging to meet them in person where they ‘sting’ in detaining them and contacting the police.  There is huge national debate on the tactics and motives of these groups as they undermine the police investigation, are unregulated, sometimes commit offences themselves and there is even an argument that some of them may be using the guise of capturing paedophile to further their desire for underage images.


Schools in Torfaen have been asked to communicate to parents that the poll that is in circulation IS NOT recommended or supported by Gwent Police.


St Alban’s RC High School works very closely with the SCPOs as part of their work in schools and involvement in campaigns and advice from Cyber Crime etc.


Please highlight this to your Son/Daughter and advise against taking part in such a poll.


Many thanks


Stephen Lord