A message from UCAS


Please encourage your students to check their email

We’ve emailed some of your students today to confirm what qualifications they are taking. This is part of our Awarding Body Linkage (ABL) procedure that links exams taken to the qualifications your students entered in Apply.

There’s no need to worry, this email does not mean that your students are not registered for their exams. We just need to confirm the qualifications we are expecting to receive results for in the summer are correct.

What they need to do:

Check the list of qualifications we have for them to see if any are missing or if they are no longer taking them.
Complete the table at the bottom of the email they have been sent.
Return the completed table to ablreturns@ucas.ac.uk by Monday 13 July.
Even if all the information is correct, they still need to reply to the email by Monday 13 July to let us know.

Please ensure they include their UCAS Personal ID in their reply.

If you or your students have any questions about this, please read our FAQs document on the ABL procedure.

Kind regards

UCAS Communications