Since the beginning of this half term the lower school have been told that they cannot be using mobile phones in school/ or anywhere on site – this includes break and lunch times . If they do they will be confiscated .

As a result 6th form students need to restrict their use of mobiles – please do not use in corridors and around the school. Keep their use to the café/common room – please remember you are role models for the younger pupils



As the Summer weather improves please remember you need to be dressed appropriately for school. This means no flip flops, loud t-shirts, skimpy tops or cropped clothing – if you look like you belong on a beach then this is not appropriate. You will be asked to go home and get changed.


Please remember that nose rings and extremes of jewellery and hair colours are not acceptable as part of the 6th Form Dress Code




REMEMBER normal timetable resumes on Monday 8th June – this will include registration, assembly, life skills and all lessons .The general policy is that you do not drop any subjects until after results day BUT I will deal with each case individually so please come and see me if you want/need to make changes to your subject


During this half term you will be given details to register for UCAS and don’t forget the deadline for completion of Y12 BTEC and Welsh Bac work is 30th June. If you do not pass Y12 then you will not be able to progress into Y13




A REMINDER you should be in A Level lessons until your exams are completed. Your  BTEC and Welsh Bac lessons CONTINUE AS NORMAL UNTIL THE MEMBER OF STAFF CONFIRMS YOU HAVE FINISHED – THIS INCLUDES COMPETING ALL NECESSARY PAPERWORK. Any questions/queries check with staff



If you need to speak to me my timetable is pinned up on my office door and in the study area, so you should be able to find me. Mrs Howells keeps my diary to book appointments and she can usually contact me via mobile


Ms Margerison